• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

From morning till dawn


28. 06. 2014

An extraordinarily broad spectrum of cultural activities and events unintentionally misleads many unsuspecting visitors who went to Lent at dawn, but came home in the morning.

Adrenaline junkies can meet at Sport Lent in the morning and try out different challenges from Blazing, basketball, football and volleyball, to Jet ski, cycling marathons, shooting or tomorrow’s skydiving water jumps. The lost energy can be replaced by the culinary delights of Sladolent, and you can recharge your batteries in the lively city park. In the anticipation of tonight’s closing event of Folkart on the Central stage, yesterday the 16th youth folklore festival in Art Camp was closing its doors with performances by the groups from Serbia and Hungary. Their folk music and dance was then followed by renowned Slovenian musician and composer Miha Guštin with guests, mostly known for the immortal songs he composed for Big Foot Mama, Polona Kasal or himself alone. This time he was joined by young Kaja Skrbinšek, whom he wished a successful start at the music academy in Amsterdam.

The sunny day ended in the completely packed Judgement tower, where the audience was enthusiastic about the fusion of Balkan rhythms performed by Kapobanda. The members, all experienced former members of Terrafolk, came to the stage very relaxed - so relaxed that they even forgot about their set list. »Could someone there at the stairs quickly run up and get our set list? You’ll find it on a big white sheet. You know how handy a cheat sheet is!« accordionist Marko Hatlak joked aroundThey did not really follow the set list later on. While improvising their way through the entertaining music, the changes of melody were also announcing the changes of instruments. »Ok, now if someone could find the frula, we’ll buy them three drinks! I am serious!” Hatlak entertained the audience and cast members while they were searching for the instrument.

At the same time Macedonian rappers Shutka Roma Rap were ruling over the Večer stage and after them the legendary Orlek took over. »We play everywhere. I bet we hold the record among Slovenian bands for the number of funeral songs,« Vlado Poredoš provoked the audience in his style. At the packed Central stageĐorđe Balašević was doing the same: entertaining the audience with roguish stories from his personal, social and political life. »I am getting more and more convinced, that the EU is a good thing. Since Slovenia and Croatia joined, former premiers are put in prison, and that’s why I am a big supporter of Serbia joining as well.« His first concert at Lent was 15 years ago, and since then he experienced many musical successes and also collected several personal stories about Lent. Đorđe brought along many shirts from those events and changed them during his concert giving the words a deeper meaning.

The roguish evening continued at the Mladina stage with the high-frequency hard metal event with Burn Fuse and Bosnian Mother's chainsaw. The later took the place to pieces with a consistent hammering on drums, bass and guitars, their topless singer left his soul on stage and invited the audience to their next concerts with his energetic performance.

After this extremely vigorous concert many a people wanted to “drop the bass line” to lower frequencies, that’s why they went to the Minoriti stage, where you can enjoy the after-parties every night. Yesterday DJs Keyser & Shuriken from Hungary and Tom Wieland from Austria were pampering our ears until dawn. Friday started early and ended at dawn of the next day. Let’s see what Saturday will bring … 

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