• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Street theatre for young and old


04. 07. 2014

Two days of an exceptionally varied program of international street theatre are now behind us and two more await. Joins us: you'll definitely find something for yourself!

Street theatres are pampering us with a diversified program put together by the organisers in collaboration with groups from Europe and other parts of the world. In the previous days we were captivated by different shows like The Incredible Box, Vertigo, Kitchen, Oskar & Strudel show, Parade, The Coloured Ones and many others, through which the old and young generations of Lent visitors were given lessons for life. 

The festival visitors were enthused by the outstandingly positive personality and refined facial expressions featured in the show Dan-Le Man by the young Estonian who spends a lot of his time in Australia. His mouth juggling, falling, balancing, making up stories and problems, courtships and desperate moments, together with his interactions with the audience were putting smiles on the faces of young and old. A four-legged friend was also enjoying the relaxed show and instead of an applause honoured the performer with some howling. 

Yesterday we had the chance to see the only Polish street theatre, an extraordinarily thought through and creative play Kukuryku. The whole performance is played with puppets, the author not being an active part of the play. Her personality is reflected through the puppets made by Ola Muchin especially for this occasion. But this is not a classical puppet theatre, because the main character - old, dusty magician Osvaldo Drevno is attached to the actress, who remains invisible during the whole play. His chickens and other helpers are helping the magician with his humorous, unpredictable tricks. All the characters have their own personality, and the alter-ego of the author joins them in the end. Magician Osvaldo may have lost his charm, but he didn't lose his passion for magic and life.

The performance of the Russian theatre group Tatr Minyatur titled Titanik was very special, too. Professional actors wanted to introduce the art of acting to the audience in a very unofficial way. Three actors were presenting different short stories which started in antique times, but still continue to go on due to the disposition of the human nature. The main themes of the performance are cascading stories about love, hatred, jealousy, death and joy that all together create the whole story of humanity. “This is a performance delivering a clear message through every short story. The message is that love and beauty will save the world,” the leader of the group from St. Petersburg, Sergei, commented after the show. 

A diverse street theatre program for young and old is waiting for us in the next days. You can find the schedule and descriptions on this link!

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