• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Electronic jazz evenings


03. 07. 2014

Yesterday Jazz Lent was completely crashed by Mexican Trocker with their electronic music and video inputs, and today the electronic jazz nights continue with Maria João Ogre!

A weird mixture of people started to appear on stage. Imagine a longhaired Mexican looking like a member of a cartel sitting behind the drums and spontaneously going crazy from time to time. His frustrations are spilled over different percussion, he plays on his tooth and on a kind of washing slot that makes the same sound as a scratching gramophone. This sounds make DJ Zero Lopez join the drummer and fight a small fight for the prevalence over the sharp noises. The DJ is the newest addition to Troker, and with his electronic inputs he supported, changed, accelerated or led the dance rhythm of the band. They were soon joined by a giant bass and trumpet player whose sounds were incorporated into the DJ’s sound mixer, who then added some echoes, length and loops and packed everything up into the background music of the next song. 

As if this wasn’t enough, other members of the cast started to come on stage. The pianist with his 4 keyboards and computer got every inch as insane as the drummer. The centre of the band was the extremely energetic saxophonist - Arturo Santillanes. His response to the question how on earth should one even start to describe their style was: “Look, we play some jazz, we like to add some rock, hip-hop, funk, soul and put some psychedelic mariachi from the traditional environment into it. We are an instrumental band at heart, and Lopez represents a new starting point for new music.” Their outstandingly varied musical performance was supported by electronic visuals that were appearing according to the music and songs on a big screen behind the band. 

It is hard to say who was more enthused about the concert – the performers or the audience. The musically exceptional and energetic performance gained a standing ovation and the band hardly managed to leave the stage at all. “This is our Maribor premiere and we hope to see you again next year! Viva Maribor!« Santillanes sincerely said during the concert in the exciting atmosphere of Jazz Lent. It’s Trocker’s second European tour and they are sorry that they have to leave so soon because Maribor really charmed them with its Festival. 

The electronic jazz evenings continue tonight with Maria João Ogre! The outstanding Portuguese vocalist with her piercing voice turns her performances into visual and audio delights accompanied by keyboards, piano and drums. At the same time we can look forward to electronic drum 'n' bass, dub and 8-bit music opening new interpretations of Portuguese, Brazilian, African and Japanese music. See you at Jazz Lent tonight at 10 p.m.!

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