• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Lenting in the rain


24. 06. 2014

Styrian »monsoon« ignites the fiery audience full of expectations!

Although we are used to rain during the festival, the „tropical“ downpour last night put us all to the test. But not even the litres of water pouring onto us managed to extinguish our indomitable spirit and love for lenting. The central stage was full despite the bad weather forecast, cheerfully waiting for Rade Šerbedžija and holding on until the cloudburst. 

»Haha, look, how many people came to the concert despite the rain! Thank you very much! I promise to dance with you in the rain, I just have to make sure my microphone doesn’t get wet,” Rade Šerbedžija laughed while he arrived straight from the Bled film festival. Rade is one of the most renowned world-class actors of Yugoslavia. In his long career he has been on screen with many famous actors and directors, and recorded six excellent albums with his characteristic music and chansons full Balkan motifs. This time he was accompanied by Zapadni kolodvor and joined by Jure Ivanušič at the piano. Rade’s recognisable humour was interrupted by a monsoon-like burst from the sky taking over the floating stage on the Drava river, but making the performers promise to return to the Festival stages. 


The water from the sky ignited hundreds of rockers who were getting in the mood with Tide in front of the Večer stage. They were waiting for Skid Row with an iron will and were rewarded with an unforgettable dance in the rain to the sound of legendary guitars and vocals. »We don’t mind the rain, do you?!« resisted vocalist Johnny Solinger. »It’s our first time in Slovenia, and that’s why it’s time to make a lot of noise and chaos!« he promised at the beginning of the concert and definitely lived up to this. It was the rocking storm that made the concert so unforgettable for the band and the large number of visitors making their own weather interpretation in a hard rock euphoria at the packed venue. »We’re playing in rainy Slovenia on a rainy Monday. That’s pure rock ’n’ roll!«


Thumbs up for the comedy lovers as well - they were squeezing and snuggling under numerous umbrellas and laughing at Tadej Toš and Klemen Slakonja in their show “Taxi”. The play deals with repressed prejudice we meet with every day, but don’t have to or don’t want to deal with. In the story the protagonist – a taxi driver - has to face them due to the financial crisis, and with the humorous style of both comedians the laughing audience managed to drown out the rain. »Dear audience – thank you – especially to those who stayed despite being soaked to the bones,” Tadej Toš posted on Facebook. Together with Klemen Slakonja they published the selfie below and commented: »It’s so nice to snuggle with the audience on stage :)” 

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