• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Dance, party and rock 'n' roll until the early morning hours


05. 07. 2014

Lent does not rest, not even at night because the Mladina stage in the Jazz club Satchmo and the After party at the Minoriti venue are making sure the visitors get their fun with good DJs and bands

Plesne noči na Minoritih

When the happening on the Lent promenade and the bigger venues is coming to an end, two festival night venues come to life: The After parties at the Minoriti venue and the Mladina stage in the Jazz Club Satchmo. Excellent Slovenian and foreign electro-artists and bands are responsible for a good atmosphere, crazy fun and pleasant mingling long into the night. Both stages are opened until the morning hours.  

Ruff Roga

Last night two DJs from Maribor were testing the endurance of the Lent visitors at the Mladina stage. Bloody Tadi and Ruff Roga from the Total Fusion collective are both known for their first-class techniques and an outstanding music selection. The once inseparable duo joined its powers after a long time, since Tadi is continuing his successful music career in Dubai. "It is great to return to Maribor, to Lent, and spin records for the local audience. When Žan (the producer of the Mladina stage) invited me to collaborate, he suggested that I ask Roga as well and we were both immediately prepared to do so. I returned to groovy electro-music, but his virtue is still his striking dance-electro. We complement each other very well and I think that we created a very good set,” said Tadi.  The visitors apparently agreed since they couldn't get enough – even after a five-hour performance. Previous night the spectacular performance of Zircus celebrating its 10th anniversary was shaking the Satchmo stage. The strong electronic flow and the creative, dynamic visuals of Tomi Gangl, who is also responsible for the visuals for Laibach, captivated the packed club. 


Tonight the Mladina stage is offering an energetic blues-rock mix with a trio of renowned musicians from Maribor (Sašo Sandić and two members of the reggae band Siti Hlapci Matej Horvat Mato and Samo Pečar) who will be performing as Sašo Sandić trio. After them, Prismojeni Profesorji Bluesa will be taking over the stage, promising a two-hour concert experience, and “if necessary, an even longer one”; as it should, the wacky 16 days will end with a special after-Lent performance, a rock set created by our irreplaceable member, sound technician Marko Jakopanec.

Mladina stage in the Jazz Club Satchmo 

The last dance at the Minoriti venue tonight will be in the hands of the pioneer of the UK Jazz Dance scene – Paul Murphy. It is said that Paul was the one who started spinning »uptempo« jazz in the British clubs, and even Gilles Peterson agrees on this. His unpredictable, ever magical and cosmical sets are captivating fans all over the world, who won’t let him leave the dance floor until the last song fades away.

After at the Minoriti venue

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