• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Folkart chased away the rainy days


26. 06. 2014

9 folklore groups joined their powers at yesterday’s opening of the 26th Folkart and offered a insight into the colourful diversity of world cultures while chasing away the clouds.

After the opening night of the 26th Folkart on Tuesday was cancelled, folklore lovers finally got the chance to sway to the traditional sounds of foreign and Slovenian folk groups, not minding the weather. Dressed in national costumes and accompanied by characteristic rhythms and instruments dancers from Argentina, Japan, Guam, Portugal, Turkey, Serbia and, of course, Slovenia danced across the Central stage at the Drava river, impressing the audience with their colourful dresses.

Even the rain slowed down, after the first dancers warmed up the stage. The young Argentinian musicians and dancers from the province Santiago del Estero, a Mediterranean region in the north-western part of Argentina, showcased their dance traditions and their luxurious national costumes. Every bit as luxurious were the lovely ladies from the Serbian folklore group AKUD Ivo Lola Ribar, who presented the Serbian dance tradition to the audience. With far less clothes, but that more exotic dance moves the representatives of the Chamorro people from Guam enthused us, while the Portuguese persuaded us with traditional dances from the Algarve region. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening was the performance of the Hiroshima dance group SANYO Daiko Dan with their traditional drums drowning out almost every other sound on the Lent embankment.  

After the successful opening night the whole folklore parade was walking the traditional walk across our town bringing good mood, colourful clothes and dancing feet to the streets of Maribor and putting smiles on the face of every passer-by. Folkart is not limited to the stage - it can and will sneak into zour every day and that’s a fact.

If yesterday’s weather discouraged you to come and see the opening night, don’t miss tonight’s performance from 9 p.m. on when you'll have another chance to see all participating groups spinning on the Central stage. You are cordially invited to experience the colours of folklore!

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