• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Jam mingling with the audience


27. 06. 2014

Jamaram, the colourful international band, dances with the Večer stage

Last night the Večer stage was vibrating with positive vibrations of excellent music and great atmosphere. The colourful international cast of Jamaram was keeping the audience on their feet for almost two hours, making them dance to the groovy rhythms and making them get closer to the stage with every song. »Come two steps closer, I won’t be satisfied, unless I have you within my reach,“ singer Tom Lugo encouraged the people. The concert started off with three members who were later joined by the other five and together they created a musical euphoria. Since having the audience close to the stage was not enough for the band, and since they were feeling a special energy in „summery“ Maribor, they got off the stage with their instruments and mingled with the audience at the end. They finished with a lively jam and made their concert one of the most unforgettable events of this year’s festival. Very explosive – as promised. But let’s not forget about he supporting act, Mate Brodar Bro, who was joined by Slovenian musicians Matej Horvat Mato, Samo Pečar and Beno Soršak and created a wonderful introduction to the explosion to follow.

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