• 26.6. - 11.7. 2015

Enjoy the festival with your Lenta


01. 06. 2014

This year, Lenta is offering even more: 16 days, more than 120 events – and 20 % off if you buy it between June 2nd and 8th!

Lenta is the universal festival ticket for all venues and is the cheapest way to see the festival events.

The Lenta is valid for all 16 days and can take you to 121 events:
84 concerts (Central Stage, Minoriti Stage, Večer Stage, Mladina Stage, Judgement Tower, Union Hall), 
8 folklore and dance shows and 1 musical (Central Stage, Puppet Theatre Maribor) and
12 stand-up nights (Vetrinjski dvor Mansion);
 -16 after-Lent DJ nights on the Minoriti Stage; 
but without seat or standing place reservation.

With your Lenta you will get:
- a card to enter the venues, 
- a program booklet,
- a handy folded leaflet with the festival overview, 
- discounts for all 16 events with additional entrance fees (*).

During the presale between June 2nd and 8th, the Lenta is available for only 20 Euros, after that you will be able to buy your Lenta for 25 Euros.

Your Lenta provides you with discounts for tickets for certain festival events that you will find marked with an asterisk (*) in your program booklet: 
- 3 concerts on the Central Stage,
- 2 concerts on the Večer Stage,
- 3 concert in the Vetrinjski dvor Mansion,
- 7 comedies on the Minoriti Stage,
- 26. Folkart – closing ceremony on the Central stage.

Your Lenta does not include a seat or standing place reservation and you will not be able to enter the venue when its maximum capacity is reached.

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